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Background and Introduction
LLiterate Masses was founded as a non- government and a non-profit organization and registered under Society Act of 1860. Literate Masses is a civil society organization, believing in the uplift of underdeveloped societies through the light of education and creation of livelihood opportunities. The Pashtun Nation has been at a disadvantage through ages because of their lack of literacy and the resulting isolation from modern economic and social developments. Because the people are not literate, their knowledge is narrow and their perspectives limited they are easily mesmerized by extremists. The result has been not only homelessness, poverty and a bitter life; they have also been out of the mainstream of efforts to create global peace and stability. The organization primarily concentrates on the socio-economic restoration and uplift of the extremism and disaster hit communities. The major interventions of the organization encompasses various sectors including Socio economic empowerment of people specially women, Advocacy, Research and Development, Gender and Child Protection, Water – Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition Education, Education (Basic and Non-formal), Livelihood Development, Health Care, Relief and Rehabilitation, Natural Resource Management and Human and Institutional Development as a carpet theme of the organization. The geographical focus of LM interventions is stretched across KPK and FATA areas.




Activities at a glance:

Women farmers are trainned on best agricultural practices in the remote flood affected area of UC Bashigram.




Rehabilitation of CBIs
Rehabilitation work is in progress in the flood affected areas of UC Asband, District Lower Dir.
Enterprise managment
Women of UC Madayan are capacitated on enterprise managment